Internet Theories About Space, It shouldn’t be a surprise that the web is filled with bizarre conspiracy theories. But, with the recent rise in space tourism and the official UFO report slamming the public with some rather shocking information, the topic of everything space-related and extraterrestrial life has been a subject for debate.

1: Our brains prevent our ability to communicate with other species.

“Arguably, the most alarming hypothesis for a reason as to why we don’t have contact with aliens was proposed not by an astronomer but by a psychologist Jack Baird. While working together with NASA for the SETI project in 1982, he suggested an idea that one of the reasons we’ve never received messages from aliens was due to fundamental limitations of our minds.”

2: It’s true that we’re not alone.

“Aliens don’t exist. Nobody else exists. Not even microbial life. It’s barren. Does this raise questions like what brought us here? What brought us here? What happens to the other life forms on Earth? From looming trees to bacteria to magnificent dinosaurs? It’s terrifying because…what do we do if we don’t figure it happen? What happens if humanity explodes and we don’t get to observe the stars or create towns on planets that aren’t ours? Are we the most amazing thing the universe can create?”

nternet Theories About Space

3: Extraterrestrials live in our midst

“Imagine an alien craft tucked away in the depths of the Mariana Trench right now. It’s an insane thought. It’s a good hiding place should they be able to get there. However, it’s difficult for us, and we’ve only been there. When we venture there, subs can only see a small distance. Any alien craft would likely detect a sub coming much earlier than the sub could detect it, and they’d have ample time to advance further into the trench.”

4: A new huge explosion is on the next horizon

“One of the most popular theories is that shortly all matter within the universe, including stars and galaxies Subatomic particles as well as space and space itself will all be ripped apart due to the rate in which it is expanding.”

5: Humans are the rare item in the universe.

“So what’s the rare thing that exists in the universe? We know that it’s life. At the minimum, it’s complex. The conditions that allow complicated life in the way we understand it today are extremely rare, far more than a particular element. In addition to the essential elements for life to develop, it also requires goldilocks conditions and billions of years of almost perfect stability for it to develop by itself… Our species has been sampled long, recorded, cataloged, and preserved. Our culture and our knowledge are readily available for recording. We’re not new but with the added benefit that we’ve begun our descent by utilizing the Big Filter and are moving a lot of species along with us. They’re not in hiding. However, they are trying to avoid the impact of their activities and aren’t interested in excessive contact. They’re living in our oceans since there’s life in the oceans, which is rapidly dying.”

6: It might be a night

“Eventually, all cosmic stars will cease to exist, and protons will begin to degrade (in theory), which will leave us a dark pit with just dark holes to fill the void; however, eventually, all black holes will go out of existence, and the universe will remain cold dark, empty, and empty.”

7: We don’t want them to go away

“Maybe aliens would like to ensure that we don’t leave Earth because of our violent nature and nuclear arsenal. They’ll allow us to abandon nuclear weapons and aid humanity in moving on to the next level or even destroy our nuclear weapons and keep us amid the world. Our leaders will ultimately determine our future and not us. They are inter-dimensional creatures that inhabit the planets, and our world is theirs. They made us, but I’m not certain why, but they allowed us to evolve independently. They were anticipating that we would evolve to be an animal species that engage in conflict with each other and destroys the home we call home.”

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8: It’s like we’re trapped in a loop

“The two commonly believed theories concerning the finality of our universe include the ‘big crunch’ as well as the big freeze.’ Both are related to the expansion of space and the possibility of a contraction in spacetime. If it expands for a long time, the particles are so separated, and no complex molecules will remain, leaving only a swarm of light-years apart. Galaxies and stars don’t remain forever; eventually, they will cease to exist, and no new ones will be made. The universe will die forever. This is the main theory. The Big Crunch theory suggests that the expansion eventually will be reversed and we’ll contract and return to a singularity right before the big bang. And after that, another big bang might be held. The cycle could go on for a long time.”

9: The theory is that we are an alien-related project

“Aliens come from a devastated planet trying to engineer and rebuild their species from the living forms they found on Earth a few millions of years earlier. We are the outcome of this, but it’s only an initial step towards fulfilling their long-term goal.”

10: Aliens are there solely to gather information

“My theory about the Greys (aliens) is straightforward. A concocted intelligent race was created to conduct research and provided with the latest technology by an advanced race. The Greys are part of an alliance of space aliens. The group of Grey space-dwellers has been tasked with studying primitive planets and their inhabitants through abduction. They are searching for something, which is the kind of genetic code hidden within human beings.”

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