Apple shifts iPhone, Apple has been speeding up plans to move a section of its supply chain out of China. Apple has asked suppliers to expand the amount of assembly they do within India and Vietnam.

The past year has seen China’s strict COVID-19 regulations have disrupted Apple’s manufacturing lines in China multiple times.

Apple is planning to launch additional iPhones in India.

Apple is seeking to decrease its dependence on Foxconn, the largest supplier. This will benefit its other suppliers, such as Luxshare and Wistron.

In a Wall Street Journal report, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple wants to ship 40-45 percent of iPhones out of India over the long run. The current figure is only single digits. The Cupertino company plans to use Vietnam as a potential manufacturing location for other products such as AirPods or Apple Watch.

The analyst predicts iPhone deliveries for Q4 2022 will be between 70 and 75 million units. This is 10 million less than originally anticipated.

To increase production to expand production in India and Vietnam, Apple has to create teams working with suppliers to turn designs and prototypes of its products into finished products. However, a need for hiring is hindering Apple from deploying the needed engineers to complete this role.

China’s strict COVID-19 policy has disrupted Apple’s supply chain.

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At the beginning of November, Apple announced the limited iPhone 14 Pro availability during Christmas because of COVID-19-related restrictions within China’s Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou is the location of the largest Foxconn-owned iPhone manufacturing plant that went into lockdown due to COVID outbreaks. This forced Foxconn to operate the factory as a “closed-loop system” to continue producing a small amount.

In the end, disagreements over wages and working conditions resulted in massive protests from the workers, significantly affecting production. The factory was said to be operating at 20 percent capacity in November and is expected to increase to 30-40% by the end of December.

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Apple’s mixed-reality headset is believed to be available in 2023.

Apple’s mixed-reality headset in development may see its launch delayed forward from 2023’s early years to later in the year, says the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo due to software problems that have caused a prolonged delay.

Apple’s highly anticipated and long-rumored first headset launch was believed to be near, and mass production of virtual reality and virtual reality headwear was set to begin in early 2023. But, as the hardware is being prepared to be manufactured, another factor could hinder its launch.

As per TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple AR and VR headset could be delayed until the second half of 2023 due to “software-related issues.” Kuo does not specify what these problems could be, but they could be related to the operating system, dubbed reality or xrOS.

The delay will likely impact the mass shipping of the finished product rather than the manufacturing process itself. Kuo thinks that the components’ shipment schedule will be within the first half of 2023. It could be the second quarter.

However, delivery delays can be a problem for the suppliers, as the headset is believed to be one of the “next critical growth drivers for the optical industry.” Suppliers like Largan, Genius, Cowell, Primax, and others who are believed to be part of the supply chain for headsets could be impacted by “near-term market sentiment” over the delay.

Despite the delayed shipment, Kuo is still determining if there will be a delay in the media event in conjunction with the headsets that have been delayed, which would place them even further back than originally estimated in January. Kuo cautions against it if the gap between event dates and the shipments of the products exceeds a certain length, “it’s detrimental to promotion and sales.”

Concerning the number of headsets Apple might make, Kuo offers that the projection is “likely to be less than 500k units” for 2023. This is less than the estimate of 800,000 – 1.2 million.

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Apple is back in its advertising through Twitter,

In an interview on Twitter Space tonight, Elon Musk confirmed that Apple has “fully resumed advertising” on Twitter. This is just a few days after Musk made a public slur about Apple to the extent that it had “mostly stopped advertising on Twitter” and asked whether Apple was against “free speech in America.”

Apple did not confirm or deny that it could not advertise on Twitter. Also, there was always a suggestion that a decline in advertising was due to Musk’s control of Twitter or an overall shift in direction towards the end of each month.

Musk was at Apple Park on Wednesday to meet with Tim Cook. The meeting seemed to go well and concluded, with Musk noting that Cook declared that Apple did not intend to take down Twitter out of Apple’s App Store.

During the evening’s Twitter Spaces event, Musk said his belief that Apple has ramped up its advertising on Twitter once more. “Apple has fully resumed advertising on Twitter,” Musk stated. Musk added that Apple is Twitter’s biggest advertiser, which is why it’s an important connection for the company to keep while other advertisers stop their expenditures.

Musk’s remarks today follow an article from the Washington Post earlier this week revealed it was Apple “spent an estimated $131,600 on Twitter ads between Nov. 10 and Nov. 16, down from $220,800 between Oct. 16 and Oct. 22, the week before Musk closed the Twitter.”

Apple doesn’t make public the advertising spending data. There needs to be a way of knowing whether the company did end its purchase of advertisements on Twitter due to Elon Musk. Advertising spending fluctuates throughout the year. Apple is known to be extremely tight with its budgets.

So, we’re in the middle of Elon Musk’s succession of controversial events since the acquisition of Twitter. What is scheduled for the next week? I’m sure there’s an item…

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