ExpressVPN Aircove is a robust Wi-Fi router equipped with ExpressVPN included and is just is ranked high in our list as the top VPN. It doesn’t require any complicated setup manual there is no need to ruminate about obscure settings in jargon-saturated control panels. Just start the package, and then follow directions and perhaps 5-10 minutes afterwards Aircove is prepared to safeguard every device connected to it.

Utilizing this type level of VPN provides a myriad of benefits, especially when you have a lot of equipment to safeguard. There’s no need to install applications for everything: Aircove can protect all Wi-Fi-connected devices, even if they’re not able to run ExpressVPN’s software. 

Say goodbye to frustrating VPN limits on devices, since the router can support up to 100 simultaneous connection. Since your security is controlled by this router it’s more secure. If you use an app, it may fail, or you might not remember to turn it off; using your router it does what it is supposed to do.

It’s not necessary to believe ExpressVPN’s claim for it, however (or or even us.) Aircove has been approved for an audit on security independent performed by Cure53 which is one of the top and most complete penetration testing companies in the world.

ExpressVPN Aircove

ExpressVPN subscription optionsinclude:

  • 15 month plan – $6.67 per month ($100.05 total cost)

Aircove has a high score on router technical specifications and features. It’s a dual band Wi-Fi 6 device equipped with 4 antennas and a powerful 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and five one-gigabit Ethernet ports (four LAN and one for WAN), WPA3 security, multi-user mode and intelligent OFDMA technology to improve performance.

ExpressVPN recommends that Aircove can handle Wi-Fi speeds as high as 1,200Mbps. It covers up 1600 sq ft according to the design of your house and the CPU’s powerful performance can support VPN speeds up to 180Mbps when used with multiple simultaneous devices. This is perfect for streaming in 4K across multiple screens.


Aircove can be purchased for $189 on Amazon(opens in a new tab) or $200 from FlashRouters(opens in a new tab) for customers outside of the US.

The price of FlashRouters includes a free month of service for the first month, however you’ll have to sign up to ExpressVPN separately. TechRadar customers can enjoy the benefit of a free three-month trial for the one-year plan of ExpressVPN which comes in at $6.67 monthly(opens in a new window).This is a fair cost for what you’re getting but there are a few alternatives. ExpressVPN Aircove

If Aircove does not meet your requirements for hardware, FlashRouters sells many more products and also supports various other VPN providers.

If you’re looking to save money take note it’s possible to download and set up the ExpressVPN router application – similar to what you’re receiving with Aircove for any compatible router for no cost. It’s a bit more time-consuming and effort, however If you’re interested, you can check the pertinent guidelines for your particular router(opens in a new tab) to get a sense of what’s required. ExpressVPN Aircove

Starting with Aircove

Our Aircove was safely packed in a an incredibly small (25x21x6cm) but robust box.

Inside, we discovered the router, power supply, three and two pin adapters, as well as the Ethernet cable.

There’s also a basic and easy Quick Setup guide. This guide only outlines the first hardware setup and is well written in a clear and simple manner, which will make it clear to even complete novices that it will be much easier than they expected.

We started by turning on Aircove and connecting it to the free port of our router. One LED was lit in the center of our router, indicating that it was working. (This can also flash and change colour later to indicate the status.)

There are two methods for connecting to Aircove’s Wi-Fi network. If you own a mobile device that can look up a QR code that is on the base of your device to automatically connect. Another alternative is to connect manually with the network’s name and password that are displayed on the identical label.

We attempted to connect manually to an Windows 10 system, and within a matter of seconds, the Setup Guide opened within our browser. It has a few more steps, however there’s nothing complicated or complicated to help you out.

The tutorial began by asking us for your ExpressVPN activated code. If you do not have an ExpressVPN subscription it’s time to sign up. If you have, you’ll discover the code at end of your dashboard on your account’s web page(opens in a new tab). Copy and paste it in the infographic.

The guide then asks whether you’d prefer to share crash data or other information that’s anonymous to ExpressVPN. It’s not a privacy concern or even required. Aircove will not share all of this information unless you have specifically requested.

You can set up your personal Aircove networks name, WiFi, and passwords. This is a great thing, and much better than letting you use unsafe defaults, which you’ll see from time to time.

Our router then loaded and activated an update. This left us waiting just only a few minutes. That’s a modest amount to pay to download the most recent version of the app, with new features or security patches.

The guide then gave us the data we required to connect to the network using our new network username and password, and requested that we set up our device in accordance with. We did so, and instantly the site detected the change and changed to show an “Setup Finished message. Then we were done.Following an easy and simple installation procedure the device was linked to the web using Aircove and ExpressVPN No apps were required.

Once the router is in place, connecting other devices doesn’t require any special steps whatsoever. Simply connect these devices to the Aircove network in the same way you connect any other and they’ll be connected in a matter of minutes.

Router Dashboard

Although you can access Aircove quickly and easily using its default settings The router’s dashboard offers lots more to discover. There’s no need to try and remember its IP address, either: just head to in new tab) in your device browser, log in via the admin password you set up earlier, and you’re in.

The main portion of the dashboard appears as the apps, which means regular ExpressVPN users feel right at the right place from the start. It displays the current location of your linked devices. You will see your currently connected location at the top. you can change to another one from the familiar list of locations it’s easy.

A “Share Wi-Fi Access” option shows an QR code that ExpressVPN states allows your guests to connect to your network without divulging your login details. It’s true in theory, however there’s an issue that your password is visible right above the code, which means that everyone has access to the password.

Experts may head to one of the many settings options in which they’ll discover a variety of VPN as well as network choices. You can choose to set up your VPN method for Lightway, OpenVPN or IKEv2 for example. Port forwarding support is available and dynamic DNS on,,,, Wi-Fi options give you the complete control of settings for your 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz options and even SSH access in case you need it.

However, for us, the most exciting feature is Aircove’s Groups function that is an easy and efficient solution to a frustrating VPN router problem.

Selecting various places for each device

The issue with a lot of VPN routers is that they only support a single server at any one time. For instance, if you choose to connect to the nearest server located in London for example this is the location that every device must connect to. 

But what happens if you’d like your smart TVs unblock US Netflix? It is possible to change towards Los Angeles, say, however, all of internet traffic from other devices is transferred back to California and back, causing slowing and possibly causing other problems (websites will pretend to be located in the US For instance.)

Aircove is able to solve this problem through its Groups. You can create an Aircove Group that is named US Netflix in a couple of clicks. The group is displayed as a brand new app screen in the dashboard similar to the previous. Groups are independent of each other and you are able to connect to the Netflix Group in Los Angeles (or anywhere else) without affecting devices that are part of home group.

Then you can drag or drop the smart televisions you have from Home into Netflix and you’re done. Many devices still have access to the fastest local server however, they are linked to US and are prepared to provide exclusive Netflix content when you want them.

This is an excellent idea that goes beyond unblocking to assist with typical tasks for managing devices. Are you fed up of your children surfing the web at night perhaps? Drag and drop your devices into a ‘No Internet group after lights out. Then, their internet access will be blocked until you turn them back on.

Aircove is also compatible with the No VPN Group, which routes traffic through your ISP instead of ExpressVPN. If certain devices or apps simply won’t function using the VPN then set them to make use of this Group instead, and you’ll not have any problems.

The Groups interface is not without problems. Each Group you add is displayed in its entirety at the top of the screen, for example even when it’s not empty. Five Groups were created and filled up our 1920 pixel screen. 

There’s no way to shrink or conceal the empty Group, there’s no option to rearrange Groups to make the most important ones appear on the leftside: all you have to do is remove the Group and re-create it in the future. They’re not major problems and we can accept them in real life, but they aren’t as user-friendly as the other features of Aircove.

However, in general Groups function very well. If you’ve experienced issues changing locations using different VPN routers, the Aircove Groups feature may be a reason to buy the router by itself.

Testing Aircove

The ExpressVPN apps have always performed highly with us due to their reliability and stability of connections. We also found that Aircove was just as good. The connection was not dropped in our testing, and we did not have to reconnect and disconnect to restart normal operation: the VPN was working perfectly throughout the day.

The dashboard displayed an odd glitch where it was sometimes replaced with an ‘inaccessible connection to the router’ message, and then our browser would refresh to restore it. This was irritating, but not significant the issue was that it happened just at least three or four times. we never waited longer than a couple of seconds, and was only affecting accessibility to dashboard (device connections were not disrupted.)

The internet connection we had at 70Mbps did not permit us to test the fastest speeds offered by ExpressVPN however, we decided to try streaming 4K videos on two devices simultaneously, and then downloading a torrent of multiple gigabytes on the third. Aircove was able to handle the task flawlessly by allowing smooth streaming on both devices, and all of our bandwidth was used for the download.

The majority of Aircove users use ExpressVPN through the router as well as through apps for smartphones. What happens if you are using both at the same time, we asked when you connect your mobile to ExpressVPN via the router then forget to create a new connection using the application?

The result was a favorable one: everything performed as we expected. The other devices were in the same router’s servers however, the mobile was connected to the server we had chosen. It could result in a slight delay, since there’s more work to be done under the hood (our mobile data is routed through the router connection first, and then to our place of operation.) We didn’t encounter any issues with speed which is a useful feature.

If you require a new address, you don’t need to alter it on the VPN and it will affect all of other devices you use: Make use of the app changing it is only for the user.

If you encounter issues in any of these areas ExpressVPN’s customer support can be reached to assist. The dashboard of Aircove’s users can direct users to a FAQ however, it’s basic by ExpressVPN’s usual high standards and is only 250 words and without Aircove-specific information (it’s mostly focused on the standard router application.)

You can reach the support team via chat or email. We logged into a live chat and got a reply in just a few seconds, which is the fastest as we’ve ever seen. Even though ExpressVPN states that emails could take up to 24-hours, we got an efficient and precise response to our test question within three quarters of an hour which is more than enough speed to handle most scenarios.

Final decision

If you’re VPN requirements are minimal with maybe three or four devices to safeguard, and perhaps a bit of Netflix blocking at times, Aircove might not have anything to provide. If you have a lot number of devices connected, or an active family home that requires more privacy on the internet, Aircove is among the most effective ways to extend ExpressVPN’s security for all your devices throughout the day.

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