Shark HyperAIR Vs Dyson Supersonic Attachments stylist brush and concentrator (US) diffuser, diffuser and concentrator (UK) Three variations come with the SharkIQ (aka HyperAir), each having various attachments. It’s fast to dry hair and leaves an elegant and shiny look. It will automatically adjust as attachments are connected. The one we liked the most was that of the diffuser (UK) with prongs that can be extended. The attachments, however, are heavy, and the absence of a removable filter makes cleaning difficult.


Speeds of drying speed that is fast

Airspeed and temperature adjustment

Hair that shines every time



Bulky attachments

Doesn’t have a removable filter

Dyson Supersonic$599.99

at Amazon

No. Temperature/speed settings: 3/3

The power cord is 8.8ft / 2.7m

Attachments the flyaway feature, wide tooth diffuser, comb, and styling concentrator

There’s just one Dyson Supersonic, but it comes in six gorgeous shades – with one only available to Dyson. It regulates the output of heat to prevent any hair damage. Additionally, we have found that the Flyaway attachment efficiently creates sleek styles. It’s also light and compact. There’s no hanging loop. There are plenty of accessories to store, and the design is slightly too trendy for your taste.


Magnetic attachments

Hair feels soft and smooth (with the Flyaway attachment)

Easy to use and comfortable

In a fight against

Very expensive

No loop to hang

Not as quiet as you’d hope

You can shell out for a costly salon blowout. You can make a gorgeous hairstyle with bounce right from home using any of these most effective hair dryers. A top-of-the-line dryer for hair today is certainly a purchase, but they’re also loaded with features that make it much easier and quicker to make salon-style, bouncy hair with little effort.

Suppose you’re contemplating purchasing an item that is among the most effective vacuums, and you’re thinking about buying one, then Dyson and Shark. In that case, both brands immediately come to thoughts, But did you know they’re rivals in the market for hair care? Dyson launched its first hairdryer, the Dyson Supersonic, back in 2016, and, despite its price, it became an instant success. However, Shark is now snapping at its rivals by launching its HyperAir hair dryer; the name Shark Style refers to that in the UK.

We’ve got you if you’re wondering what the difference is and what you should consider when choosing between the Shark HyperAIR and Dyson Supersonic. In this article, we’re comparing these two brands concerning cost, design, and specifications. We examined each model and drew upon our personal experiences to provide you with the facts about the two hair dryers.

Shark HyperAIR Vs Dyson Supersonic

What tests do we conduct?

We’ve looked at two of them: Shark HyperAir / Style IQ and Dyson Supersonic, where we blow dry our damp locks in our own home.

In the Shark HyperAIR vs. Dyson Supersonic comparison, we’ve tried both devices the same. That means we’ve examined how fast they dry below-the-shoulder size (or more) hair with all speeds and heat settings available using the gadget. We keep an eye out for issues like shine and frizz and the overall appearance that both dryers left our hair in after blowdrying. The cord’s length, useful features like hanging loops, and great shot buttons are all aspects of design that we keep an eye out for.

After testing, we can directly compare the two hair dryers. This exposes any similarities or differences between them.


Compared to the rest of the market, there’s no doubt that each of these hair dryers, the Shark HyperAir and the Dyson Supersonic, are costly hair dryers.

HyperAir is the more affordable model. HyperAir is the less expensive, at $229.99 or PS229.99 (about 400 AU). In the US, the hair dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle and an additional attachment for the styling brush that connects a nozzle for a concentrator with bristle brushes. In the UK, it is shipped with a concentrator; however, instead of the styling brush, it comes with the diffuser, likely used by people with naturally curly hair.

In the US, it’s possible to purchase a HyperAir bundle with the diffuser nozzle, stylish concentrator brush, and one Air Wave, which acts similarly to the hair curler, costing $249.60, which is more valuable.

The attachments are available for purchase separately. Available on their own, including the concentrator nozzle priced at $24.99 or PS19.99, the diffuser priced at $29.99 ($29.99) or PS19.99, and the styling brush costs $29.99 and PS29.99.

In addition to the confusion, To make matters more confusing, to add more confusion, the AirWave attachment is currently only available in the US and retails at $49.95, which means you’ll require a pencil and a piece of paper to determine which one is best for you.

Dyson Supersonic Dyson Supersonic is priced slightly higher at $430/PS330 / 599 dollars and is available globally through Dyson and other online retailers such as Amazon.

It includes five attachments: the diffuser, concentrator nozzle, a wide-tooth combing and a flyaway tool to soften hair, and a soft air attachment that helps reduce the temperature and flow of air for scalps that are sensitive. This is a better deal plan to create different styles using the hair dryer or want to control flyaways. Each attachment can be purchased separately at $39.99 (PS30, $39.99) or AUD 99.


Regarding style, The Shark HyperAir sports the look of a traditional hair dryer, with a long barrel and angled handle. The Dyson Supersonic has a unique look, with a smaller barrel and handle located in the middle, and it comes with a filter.

Shark HyperAir Shark HyperAir features a champagne-colored finish, whereas, in the UK, it is available in a champagne-colored finish. In the UK, Shark Style IQ 9as its called) is available in white and rose gold look. However, its counterpart, the Dyson Supersonic, comes in grey with Fuschia accents. This version is a limited-edition model known as Prussian Blue, which pairs with a deep navy shade and copper accents.

Both hair dryers feature three speed and temperature settings and buttons at the back of the barrel for controlling the settings. It is worth noting that the Shark HyperAir also includes 8.2 feet or 2.5m cable for power, and the cord on the Dyson Supersonic is slightly longer at 9 feet 2.7m. There is no hanging loop.


In the process of blowdrying hair, we saw them equally in their match. Both hair dryers provide 1600W of power. That meant that the Dyson Supersonic took our damp shoulder-length hair completely dry in just three mins and 26 seconds, while it took the Shark HyperAir took three minutes and 56 seconds. This added 30 seconds to the drying process… but in perspective, it’s not much even.

Both dryers made our hair shiny and silky smooth with just a few flyaways, but in the case of Dyson, coupled with the attachment for flyaways, it eliminated them completely. We utilized the hair dryer without an attachment to let it dry the entire crown before using the flyaway attachment for the rest – although it added 32 seconds to drying time.

Its Dyson was also slightly quieter when in use, with an average of 74 decibels on our decibel scale as compared to 76db that the Shark HyperAir registered.

But, there are two areas in which the Shark outdoes the Dyson. One of them is the diffuser. It features prongs that extend to ensure the hair’s roots and ends of curly hair are evenly dried. This reduces the damage caused by heat.

We were also amazed that when the diffuser or concentrator nozzle was connected to the blow-dryer, the speed and temperature adjustments were made automatically to ensure that they were at the ideal level for applying that device – perfect for those who aren’t sure how to utilize Shark HyperAir. Shark HyperAir to achieve their desired look.


In the quest for the best hair dryer, Shark HyperAir and the Dyson Supersonic can quickly dry hair and give it a soft shine. We could leave your home having a great bounce using both models.

However, since the Shark HyperAir is slightly more cost-effective, it’s the most suitable choice for most customers, particularly if they have curly hair or are uncertain about the correct settings to use when blowdrying their hair for various hairstyles.

However, we enjoy the range of attachments available from Dyson and recommend it. There are plenty of options to create an array of styles, or if you have trouble with flyaway hair and need hair dryers that guarantee perfect smoothness (plus it has a gorgeous Prussian Blue finish), then the Dyson Supersonic is worth a glance.

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