prices on MacBooks, With numerous configurations and models, finding the best price for the M1-specific MacBook and Mac Mini is relatively easy. There are times when it’s a different situation for MacBook Pros that have the more powerful M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs; however, any savings you can find on these Pro models will be worth the investment. It could take a while to realize significant savings for the latest 13.2-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air that have M2 processors.

In this article, we’ll go over the deals currently offered for new MacBooks and any offers available with Apple’s Mac Mini. Of course, you’ll have older Intel-based models available, as well as massive sales on closeouts. Even though they’re compatible with the newly launched macOS Ventura, We strongly recommend choosing the latest model with the new technology. Apple uses its M1 and M2 processors across all MacBook Air and Pro lines. There’s no reason not to choose Apple’s silicon, excluding Windows Boot Camp holdouts.

If you want to buy a refurbished one, it is another option to save the cost of purchasing an Apple computer. Apple’s Refurbished Store offers a one-year guarantee for all items and typically offers discounts of between 15 and 20 percent off the cost of a brand-new model. If you’re in the market for a brand new model, these are the top MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini deals.

The top MacBook Air deals

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The MacBook Air is Apple’s entry-level laptop. It’s ideal for productive work, featuring an ergonomic keyboard, a great trackpad, and an all-day battery life. The updated M2 version of MacBook Air is now available. MacBook Air has become available and available. Still, despite the release of that more expensive model, the version of 2020 featuring an M1 processor and fanless design will remain on the market as a budget-friendly option. For most people who want to save money, the M1 Air is a great choice because it ticks all the boxes in terms of cost and performance and is the model we recommend to people on a tight budget. MacBook buyers in our top laptops can purchase guides regardless of the M2 available now.

The standard MacBook Air with the M1 chip is equipped with 8GB of RAM and an SSD of 256GB. The typical price is $999; however, Amazon is currently offering it at its low price of $799.99 (about a $200 discount), including all three colors available. It’s about as good as you can get for the M1 Air, and it’s still a great value two years since its debut.

Suppose you’re looking for the more modern, luxurious MacBook Air with the M2 processor. In that case, you can save $100 for the 256GB model in the base configuration on Amazon, as well as B&H Photos in a variety of colors. This substantial discount reduces the cost of the MagSafe-equipped laptop to $1,099.

The latest MacBook Air is a super slim and light laptop with a webcam with 1080p resolution that’s usable. It also has a convenient magnetic charger that opens one of its dual USB-C ports. The M2 processor cannot start an era similar to the M1 generation, but it’s a solid performance for anyone other than the more creative.

There are minor negatives, such as slow storage in the base configuration and the notch cutout on the otherwise stunning screen. Yet there’s been no more portable laptop from Apple in the past since its controversial 12-inch MacBook, and this model is excellent enough that it’s the no. one laptop that we recommend as part of the buying guides we provide.

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The most affordable MacBook Pro deals

The MacBook Pro line has been divided into two distinct segments for the time being. With the processor M1, the Touch Bar holdouts are both the MacBook Pro of 2020 and its new 2022 version featuring an M2 processor. These are the same models as the MacBook Air and have similar layouts, except for adding a fan to allow the MacBook Pro to operate at its peak performance for a longer period.

At the moment, it’s recommended to steer clear of the 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro and opt for the more modern M2 version with incredible battery longevity. The MacBook Pro is still affected by its Touch Bar, and its basic model has its limitations in terms of speed. However, we’re sometimes getting discounts on the new laptop.

Today, the most attractive offer is a significant $150 off on the 256GB model from Best Buy and B&H Photo. The price drops from $1,299 to $1.149. It’s alright. However, those who work in a creative environment could be better off investing in the more powerful fourteen-inch MacBook Pro if you can extend your budget (see below for more details).).

The 16 and 14-inch MacBook Pros announced last year are equipped with M1 Pro or optional M1 Max CPUs and are the preferred choice for highly creative professionals. This 14-inch M1 Pro with 512GB of storage base model is available at $1,799 ($200 discount) on B&H Photo. This is a good price. However, it’s different from the $400 we’ve seen on the laptop, which is a dream.

For this 16-inches MacBook Pro with 512GB of storage and its M1 Pro, Amazon and B&H Photo have it for sale at $2,199 ($300 discounted). Also, you can save $400 by upgrading to the larger model with 1TB of SSD from Amazon and B&H Photos (now just $2,299). The discounts on 16-inch models may not be the greatest we’ve ever seen, but they’re affordable for an essential laptop.

Our assessments of the most recent MacBook Pro line were full of praise. With its stunning display, incredible efficiency, and endurance, the MacBook Pro is a top laptop investment that we highly recommend. If you can get a significant price reduction on these laptops, we’d recommend that anyone looking to buy a new laptop think about buying one since they’re likely to go on sale quickly.

The best Mac Mini deals

prices on MacBooks
macbook pro purchase
mac student price
macbook pro 16 inch deals

Although it’s far from being an Apple laptop, this Mac Mini is an affordable desktop computer running macOS. It’s not equipped with a display, keyboard, and mouse (so you’ll need to bring your own). However, this tiny device is a great performer if you’re not worried about mobility. It’s speedy, reliable, and has Wi-Fi 6.

As with the MacBook Air 2020 and the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the Mac Mini comes with the Apple M1 processor. It’s priced at $699, depending on your storage and RAM configurations. It is often sold as a base model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage space at $659, but often considerably cheaper. At present, only some major stores are offering great deals. B&H Foto is the only one with it at $679 (a mere $20 off).

The latest Mac Studio may receive all the reviews, but it’s more expensive. The tiny M1 Mac Mini is still an excellent desktop ideal for those who want to do some artistic work, even though the widely offered deals on it have lately become a bit more sluggish.

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