Samsung’s Z Fold 3 Is Better Than Google’s Pixel 7, Unsurprisingly, the Google Pixel 7 line of phones was released to rave reviews. In addition, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro improve photography to close to DSLR level and beyond, but they also do it at the cost of $600 and $900, respectively.

Even though I’ve put the SIM card in the Pixel 7 that Google provided to me for review, I can’t get rid of the personal Galaxy Z Fold 3 -Samsung’s $1800 foldable last year as well as its massive fold-out display, as well as the thin candy bar-like exterior display.

While a foldable phone and the traditional slab phone are both different in their design, each Google and Samsung have developed distinct ways to approach both hardware and software, and Samsung has a better approach. Additionally, my experience with two completely diverse flagships is worth looking into.

The potential of a huge phone screen

A majority of the activities that you can perform on a 7.6-inch screen can also be done on a 6.4-inch screen. However, the aspect ratio indicator of how narrow or square the screen is a significant distinction. When unfolded, the larger Z Fold 3 gives a wide, almost square screen, making Pixel 7 feel cramped and less than optimal.

The comics aren’t squashed on a standard phone screen, in which you must zoom into and out to look at each panel Z Fold 3 feels like reading a book. Z Fold 3 feels like reading a real page.

The front and interior screens of Samsung’s Z Fold 3 are high-resolution Super AMOLED displays with 120Hz that feature deep blacks, vivid colors, and silky smooth animations. Pixel 7, at one-third the cost, comes with an impressive resolution of 1,080×2,400, which is 90Hz and AMOLED, that’s on par but not at Samsung’s level. Kudos to the Pixel 7’s performance; however, having Genshin Impact on a large, 7.6-inch display means a vastly more expansive game environment.

Multitasking fun

With the Galaxy Z Fold 3, I can run up to four apps simultaneously. It’s messy but extremely amazing. I usually utilize two or three apps simultaneously using YouTube along with Twitter on two sides and Reddit on the other side of the display.

I’ve also written a few articles about the Z Fold 3 using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, treating it as the size of a Galaxy Tab. On one side, I’ll be using Google Docs open, and on the other side, Slack or a site I’m browsing. This isn’t ideal, but it’s a good solution.

It’s not easy to multitask on the Pixel 7 feels awkward by contrast. The Pixel’s user interface features greater gaps between apps and uses the precious dots of resolution, which could be utilized to display data.

Samsung’s program pulls ahead.

The conventional wisdom is that Google’s Pixel line is the best Android experience. In the end, Google makes Android. Consequently, a Google-designed Android phone will offer the most elegant software design without gadgets. However, after having used this Z Fold 3 for a year and its successor, the Pixel 7, since October, I’ve found that Samsung’s One UI is more intuitive and helps you get things done quicker.

The fewer taps you need to complete a task, the more efficient. In Samsung’s phone app for making calls, swiping right on a name makes the call, while swiping left initiates the text message. When you tap a name on Pixel, it will open a much more difficult drop-down menu with options to either make a video call or send a text. You can tap an icon for a telephone on the right to call.

When I am on a call and need to make a call, the Pixel does not have a speakerphone button, so I need to switch to a different drop-down menu. These are only two minor examples and aren’t major issues. They prove that Samsung has paid particular attention to the smallest of issues to provide a better overall experience.

Foldables are the future of

Foldables provide a lot of functionality and are surprisingly compact. It’s possible to use Galaxy Z Fold 4 as a personal computer but with some limitations.

The market for foldables is an expensive segment. However, as prices come down, demand for the product will increase. Google might come up with its folding. Rumors already point to a 2023 Pixel Fold launch. However, until then, Z Fold 3 has my interest.

Pixel Fold: What Rumors Say About a Google Foldable Phone

Google might be the next tech company to drop its hat in the flexible rings. There have been rumors that a flexible Pixel phone may appear shortly, considering the company’s focus on hardware over the last few years. While the name of a possible Google foldable phone isn’t far from being established, it could be named”the” Pixel Fold or maybe the Pixel Notepad — the rumor mill appears to be settled upon a timeline for its launch. According to a reliable display expert Ross Yong, it’ll launch early in 2023’s spring. Ross Yong also informed CNET that “some display panels are already sold.”

So far, the company has remained mum about whether or not they will launch a phone that folds. However, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mills from turning and Pixel fans from wishing. Remember that Google has admitted that it was testing foldable technology earlier in the year of 2019. Before that, it submitted a patent application for a foldable device.

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Remember that Google isn’t the only one reportedly on the foldable phone trend. It’s unveiled that Apple is getting ready to do the same thing, but it might come out in 2025. (Read CNET’s report on the possibility of an iPhone flip.) Samsung, however, is rushing ahead with its folding phones. Samsung is the South Korean company that launched its fourth generation of foldable phones, including the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4, at its Unpacked event held in August.

Pixel Fold design The Pixel Fold design Oppo Find N than Galaxy Z Fold 4

Animations that are part of Android 12L, Google’s software specially designed for devices with large screens, like tablet computers and phones that fold, have provided some hints about the potential appearance of Pixel Fold. Pixel Fold. Based on this, it is believed that Google’s foldable phone will appear as a book-like foldable with two screens. It’s a foldable phone that’s Google foldable was first speculated to be akin to the taller and slimmer appearance of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 with an aspect ratio that approximates 22.5:18. However, according to 9to5Google and other media outlets, the open-up Pixel Fold is more likely to look like the squarish form of the foldable phone from Oppo, called the Find N. When closed, it has an aspect ratio closer to 18:9. If that’s the case, this means that, just like the Find N, the Pixel Fold might be easier and more suitable for use as a normal phone even when closed.

Pixel Fold design: Just two colors

Renders based on images of the Google Pixel Fold were published online in November of Front Page Tech. The renders on the phone show two different colors, one with obsidian (black) and one with white chalk (white).

Digital Fold Camera: The camera could be a step down from the Pixel 6

There haven’t been any rumors regarding the camera in the Pixel Fold However; there’s the possibility of speculation thanks to 9to5Google. According to the website, there’s a possibility that Pixel Fold will have two front-facing 8-megapixel lenses, one of which is likely to be for the cover and another for the interior, as well as a 12-megapixel camera in the rear. This sensor will likely be smaller than the Pixel 6 series, considering that it’s believed to use Sony’s IMX363 sensor to make Pixel 3 in Pixel 3 in 2018. This contrasts with Samsung’s top-of-the-line GN1 sensor, the 50-megapixel camera in the Pixel 6 series. The reasoning behind the decision could be attributed to the dimensions of the GN1 sensor, which is among the largest available camera sensors. It will be easier for a smartphone that folds up to accommodate it, with adding the overall weight of a device that is already heavy to fold. Another speculation suggests the Pixel Fold features a 50-megapixel main camera, two 12-megapixel cameras, and an 8-megapixel camera.

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